Transformations Hypnotherapy is proud to announce HypnoBirthing is added to our list of Services!

HypnoBirthing is a program designed to teach pregnant women and their birthing companion (husbands, friends, family members etc.) how to bring their baby into the world in a safe, natural and healthy way. HypnoBirthing combines hypnosis techniques as well as a better understanding of the process of child birth. HypnoBirthing mother’s ‘breathe’ their baby into the world and have reported to have comfortable, beautiful births.

The HypnoBirthing program is a celebration of life.

“For birthing parents, birth is not about science; it’s not about anatomy; it’s not about doctors or midwives or nurses; it’s not about who has control. It is about family – parents and their babies.”

- M. Mongan

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or visit www.HypnoBirthing.com for more information

“I came to HypnoBirthing to learn how to have a baby, and I learned how to have a life.”